About Us

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We are physically located just north of San Francisco, California in the heart of the wine country. We sell and install customized video security systems at affordable prices.

Check out the photos of our recent customers on this website to see just some of what we do. Unlike our competition, we are proud of the work that we do and display it on our website.

We also consult with our customers to help find the right security solution whether it involves video security or another type of solution.

We don't just sell and install equipment; we are in the problem solving business.  Frankly, there are products we simply will not install or service because we take pride in what we do.

Reducing losses, increasing productivity, improving safety, thwarting crime, and restoring peace of mind for our customers is what we are all about.

Once our systems are installed, our customers usually begin to see positive results right away.

"Experience, professionalism, and commitment to excellence in video security."     That's theVIDEOPRO-tection difference,

George Barich,


Cal. State Contractors License:  #840920